• Automatic fueling systems
  • Composite doors and floor panels
  • Battery conditioning and testing systems (Extend battery life several times)
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Engine oils, lubricants, and greases
  • Decals, placards, stencils, number boards, card holders, etc.
  • Electrical items, such as diodes, contacts, and brushes
  • Flexible water inlet tubes
  • Exhaust expansion joints
  • Water Treatment

Rail Car Parts

  • Lubricants and greases
  • Exterior and interior paint
  • Composite parts
  • Decals and Stencils
  • Solar powered battery conditioning systems

Track & Signal Parts

  • Cantilever assemblies
  • Flashing light signal assemblies
  • Flashing light and gate assemblies
  • Wayside signal bridges
  • Work equipment rebuild
  • Switch targets
  • Crossbucks
  • Right-of-way signage
  • Lubricants and greases
  • Solar powered battery conditioning systems
  • Tie marking paint
  • Reflectors

Team Supply

Mission Statement: "Provide quality products and service to the transportation industry in a timely and professional manner."
Since its inception in 1985, Team Supply Company has been consistently providing support and supplies to rail transportation companies, from large corporations to short-lines, as well as to independent contractors who also supply the rail industries. Our headquarters are located in Jacksonville, Florida and we serve customers all over the United States. Team Supply Company also represents several major railroad related equipment manufacturers as a sales representative and distributor that can deliver or develop many locomotive, railcar, track or signal, or a specialty item designed just for your company.

Team Supply is a Manufacturer's Representative for the following companies:

American Air Filter

Delta Manufacturing

Penn Machine Company

Snyder Equipment Company

Gooding Rubber

Mosebach Company

General Bearing, Inc.

Niagara Cooler Company

United Window & Cab

Mersen/Carbone Lorraine

PPG Paints

Haynes Corporation